January 28, 2011

This week I learned...

UPDATE: This site is no longer in use.  If you've landed here, please head on over to www.elephantshoephotos.com to check out my new site.  See you after the jump! Thanks! 

This week I learned how to set up a private online image gallery for my clients.  Clients, now you can click on the "Clients" tab of my website and enter the Keyword and Password I assign you and you'll be able to view all the final photos from your session as well as order prints through the professional photo lab I use.  Pretty fun stuff!

I also learned that I love square crops.  Take a look at these cute square crops from my session with baby K the other week.

Again, doesn't he just have the cutest faces?! I can't get over them.  :)


  1. very sweet pictures! I love the square crops also.

  2. What a cutie! The tie is a fun, colorful addition.

  3. Thank you! Can you tell from the knot that I really really don't know how to tie a tie? haha His mother and I struggled with it for quite a while. It was funny.

  4. he is such a cutie pie, what bright eyes

  5. Way to go setting up a private gallery for your clients! I know if I were a customer I would appreciate that :O) The square crops are great! It is fun and different! Those photos are precious! Beautiful catchlights!